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Chapter 11: Page 13
Originally posted on:10/22/2010
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Chapter 11: Page 13

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Deader than dead.
Over the weekend I'll upload the first of a series of snippets to the Supporter's Club which will substitute for the short stories for a little while. These snippets, titled "Letters from Home", will reveal further insights into our characters. They'll be substantially shorter than my regular short stories, but will update more often - hopefully once every fortnight or so. This means I'll be able to keep a steady flow of updates to the Club while taking a break from writing a short story every month, which is frankly driving me a little mad. I also hope to work on some new wallpapers over the weekend.

In other news, Martin Freeman is going to play Bilbo. Although I'd prefer some kind of voodoo ritual to make Ian Holm young enough to look the part without pulling his face off, I have to say Freeman may actually be a good choice. He's a skilled actor with a great sense of comic timing, and he certainly knows how to play an everyman.

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