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Chapter 01: Page 19
Originally posted on:09/01/2006
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Chapter 01: Page 19

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Vote early, vote often
Ever since CD was linked to at Whedonesque, I've been trying to keep track of how many readers I actually have. The automated trackers I use provide some helpful details, but they're quite limited. So there are two things which you can do to make me very happy:

1. Vote for Crimson Dark on the Top Webcomics List. The votes reset every month (I think), so lets make this our campaign month. In August, Crimson Dark made it to #166 out of over 4000 listed comics - that's really cool! But I think we can do even better, I would love to see CD make it to the top 100, and possibly even the top 10 in the Sci-Fi category. So please vote as often as you can (the limit is one vote per machine per day):

Just click on the button, then answer the question to prove that you're human, and that's that.

2. My trackers only count people who actually visit the website. If you're using a RSS reader like Feedreader then I don't know that you're doing it. Please don't stop - I set up the RSS feed because I want it to make things as convenient for you as possible - but I'd be very grateful if you sent me a quick email letting me know that you're using such a program.

These actions will lead to happy David. Happy David leads to more work. More work leads to better Crimson Dark. Hopefully better grammar too.

Meanwhile, today's page returns us to the Infirmary set - newly retextured and relit. I like the soft, bluish lighting in this room, it really sets it apart from the rest of the ship.

Oh, a "JAK" is essentially a heavily augmented human being who, upon death, has had all the parts of their brain associated with personality and identity removed and replaced by an Artificial Intelligence. JAKs tend to be used as assasins or saboteurs, sent on suicide missions. The United Terran Coalition has banned their use, but this doesn't stop most of the outer Protectorates from using them anyway. Some JAKs are volunteers (like organ donors, but more holistic), others never know what becomes of their body.

You know, when I started Crimson Dark, I told myself that I was going to try and avoid all of the standard webcomic cliches. In the space of just one chapter, I have mentioned pirates and used a Zombie Ninja Cyborg. Wow.

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