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Chapter 01: Page 18
Originally posted on:08/30/2006
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Chapter 01: Page 18

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Why don't people say "Huzzah" any more?
This page took a lot longer than I expected it would - and I expected it would take a long time. But I still managed to get it up on schedule, huzzah! Three issues slowed me down:

1. How to create the illusion of movement

I ended up adding some motion blur in Photoshop, but I'm still not entirely happy with the results. I'm going to need to refine this technique. Any Photoshop gurus out there with advice?

2. What colour the goo should be

Originally it was dark blue, but this was a bit too clean and sterile - it didn't look violent enough. I changed it to red, but this went too far - it crossed that line which separates violence from gratuitous gore. So I decided to go for orange - it's a strong, dramatic colour which is similar to blood but obviously different. It implies that there's more than just oxygen being carried through those arteries.

3. Whisper

Every time I put Whisper in a panel, it takes twice as long to produce. Although her cranial augs are in 3D, all the details on her body need to be added manually in Illustrator and Photoshop. With most characters, adding clothes is relatively easy because there are only a few points where I need to make sure that the clothing conforms to the contours of the body (sleeves, neck etc.) - but Whisper's clothing *is* her body, composed of skin and a flexible metal alloy. Keeping all the seams and details consistent from one panel to the next is harder than it sounds.

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