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Chapter 10: Page 37
Originally posted on:08/13/2010
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Chapter  10: Page 37

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Many people have been wonderfully supportive since I announced on Monday that I have Asperger's Syndrome - I guess I shouldn't be surprised that several of my readers are in the same boat. The diagnosis really has come as a great relief - for all my life I've felt different, it's nice to know that it's because I really *am* different.

A couple of people have said that they're going to pray for healing. While I appreciate the sentiment, I'm not convinced that Asperger's Syndrome is something which needs to be healed. Sure, it makes many common aspects of life difficult - some downright impossible - but it also opens up many other opportunities as it allows me to think and see the world differently. Aspies (as we apparently like to be called) are known to be single-minded and obsessive, and it has been suggested that we tend to lean towards sci-fi and fantasy in our tastes. If God hadn't given me Asperger's Syndrome, Crimson Dark might never have happened.

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