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Chapter 10: Page 25
Originally posted on:07/02/2010
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Chapter 10: Page 25

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If you insist.
Work is a little crazy at the moment, so I won't be producing any new pages this weekend. Thankfully, I've built up a decent buffer over the past few months so updates shouldn't be affected.

The short story for July, 'baruk's Story", is now online in the Supporter's Club.

Baruk Shield became famous among Cirin citizens practically overnight when he crashed a freighter, laden with a torpedo warhead, into Espenson Station, killing over two hundred people (Chapter 3). This document is Baruk’s journal, recounting his experiences on Farhaven which led to what some praise as a bold strike for freedom, and others condemn as a cowardly act of terrorism.

Baruk’s Story will continue with Part 2 in August.

Wallpapers will go online over the weekend.

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