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Chapter 10: Page 23
Originally posted on:06/25/2010
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Chapter 10: Page 23

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It's black magic, I tells ya!
Apps for my iPad which I have been using the most so far (aside from Safari, Mail etc.):

* ABC - news, weather etc. from the Australian Broadcasting Coorperation
* Pages - a simple word processor from Apple which can read and save .doc files
* Popplet - very cool little mind-mapping/visual note-taking app
* Sketchbook Pro - A simple but powerful painting program which supports layers and can save .psd files
* Twitterrific - so I can bug people from afar
* Marvel Comics - Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men is even better when read on an iPad
* NIV Bible HD - It's the Bible. New International Version. IN HD!!!
* Dungeon Hunter HD - simple but addictive Diablo clone
* Plants vs Zombies HD - a great iPhone game which becomes amazing at 1024x768
* Galcon Fusion - very simple and quick strategy game which works really well with the touch-screen
* Angry Birds HD - The fun of destruction combined with the cuteness of little birds.
* Canabalt - oddly addictive game of reflexes

While I can't recommend the iPad for everybody, it is certainly making my nearly-5-hour daily commute to work much more tolerable.

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