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Chapter 10: Page 16
Originally posted on:05/31/2010
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Chapter 10: Page 16

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It is... it is green.
New content for the Supporter's Club will go online tomorrow, however it probably won't be until late in the evening as I'm working during the day.

Tomorrow, being the first of June, also marks the fourth anniversary of Crimson Dark. When I mentioned this to Mum, she said how impressive it was that it is still going after such a long time, however my thoughts are more along the lines of "Has it only been four years?". This universe has been an integral part of my life for so long now that I can't really imagine life without it. Thankyou for reading.

Some statistics:

Total Pageviews since launch: appx. 10.8 million.

Some of the external sites which sent the most visitors to Crimson Dark (excluding search engines, comic lists and syndication readers):
GU Comics
TV Tropes
Giant in the Playground (via the Forums)

The majority of visitors to
...were using Windows XP as their operating system
...were using Firefox as their web browser
...were running at 1280x1024*
...were viewing the site from a location in the United States**
...use US English as their primary language for their computer***
...connected to the internet via cable (as opposed to DSL or dialup)

The most popular mobile device used to read Crimson Dark is the iPhone (followed by the iPod and the Android).

Some people are already reading Crimson Dark on their iPads.

* seriously? 1280x1024 is the most useless, idiotic resolution ever conceived!
** with my native Australia fourth on the list, after Canada and the UK
*** with German being the first non-English language to appear on the list

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