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Chapter 01: Page 15
Originally posted on:08/23/2006
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Chapter 01: Page 15

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Handy for reading in bed
Yay, my first Wednesday update! God-willing, the first of many.

I'm really pleased with this page, particularly the first panel. It nicely shows off the new textures I've been working on, and I'm having much more fun with lighting than I used to. Yes, Hal's ocular augmentation also serves as a torch.

I spent a while trying to decide what colour that energy beam should be. I didn't want it to be red, because these things are always red and I have enough red beams in the prologue as it is. I considered yellow/orange, because I think they would look nice, but Niobe's colour scheme is based around earth-tones, and I wanted something which would contrast harshly - we need to see this moment as an intrusion. Purple would just be too purple, so it came down to a choice between blue and green. I compromised and made it cyan.

(notice that it is *not* a LASER beam. If it was a LASER beam, then it wouldn't be visible at all, would it?)

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