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Chapter 10: Page 07
Originally posted on:04/30/2010
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Chapter 10: Page 07

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Nothing to do with the game.
I must have done something right because I've been offered another three months of work at Halo Pictures. The really good news is that, thanks to the Crimson Dark Supporter's Club, I've asked for (and been given) one day off per week to continue working on Crimson Dark. While I could earn significantly more by working five days a week, I think there's just enough money trickling in from the club to justify a shorter working week. Plus I want to keep working on CD, so thank you for your support!

On that note, I've been a little pressed for time of late (and probably will be for a while now) so tomorrow's Supporter's Club content is going to be a little different to the usual fare - hopefully you'll still like it.

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