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Chapter 10: Page 03
Originally posted on:04/16/2010
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Chapter 10: Page 03

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This'll go well.
Some of Whisper's cranial augs serve to compensate for injuries she received in the fire when she was a teenager, essentially replacing damaged sections of her brain, but others provide additional functionality. As a result she has, for all intents and purposes, a mobile personal computer plugged directly into her brain at all times - however while we still see our computers as separate entities, it would be very difficult to determine where Whisper ends and where her computer begins.

I've been ridiculously tired all week for no apparent reason. Perhaps I'm still still reeling from Changes. Jim Butcher has a touch of the Joss Whedon about him - he's both a master story-teller and a magnificent bastard who takes a perverse pleasure in inflicting suffering on his main characters. I can relate to the latter characteristic at least.

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