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Chapter 01: Page 13
Originally posted on:08/18/2006
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Chapter 01: Page 13

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Good news everyone!
As of next week, Crimson Dark will be updating thrice a week, instead of twice!

The schedule will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'm aware of how frustrating it can be to only get two updates a week for an ongoing story, especially when things start to get a bit tense. Although I'm paying more attention to detail with each panel, and constantly adding new layers and effects to try and capture that elusive "look" which I'm aiming for... I have also found countless shortcuts which have dramatically decreased the overall time it all takes. If I really throw myself into it, I can now complete an entire page of Crimson Dark in less than a day - though if I were to do this every day then my already miniscule social life would become practically microscopic.

Anyway, the upshot is: I have condluded that I can produce extra pages without falling behind. I hope. If someone decides to employ me (though I can't imagine why) then this would almost certainly have to change.

Meanwhile, Crimson Dark has been reviewed by Digital Strips. Daku had many nice things to say, possibly the most flattering of which was "it reminds me quite a bit of firefly"... it's hard to think of higher praise.

Today's page is not the best that I've ever produced, but far better than it was going to be. I originally decided to experiment with having a completely line-free page, but the result was remarkably ugly. I was going to just upload it along with an apology, but when I looked at it this morning I realised that I *had* to go and fix it up. It's still not exactly how I wanted it to be, but it will do.

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