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Chapter 09: Page 11
Originally posted on:02/26/2010
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Chapter 09: Page 11

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Pause for thought
Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the Crimson Dark Supporter's Club so far. While uptake hasn't been as great as I had hoped, it's still good to know that anyone has signed up at all - it all helps. New bonus content will go online for subscribers in March, including new wallpapers on Monday and a new short story exploring how some of our main characters first met. If everyone who visited this site on a weekly basis were to sign up for the cheapest subscription plan, I'd be able to live like a king (or at least like a pimp) and dedicate every waking hour to Crimson Dark. Come on, cheer up a sad, lonely, angsty artist ;)

Oh, my mouth is feeling much better now.

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