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Chapter 09: Page 05
Originally posted on:02/05/2010
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Chapter 09: Page 05

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"Umm, maybe?"
Thanks to feedback, I've added two new plans for the Crimson Dark Supporter's club. Now you can help me work towards making CD a full-time occupation for just $2 a month, and receive exclusive wallpapers as an expression of thanks! For just $5 per month you'll receive wallpapers as well as all the other other bonus content, such as short stories. If you want to learn more about the characters, the universe or the history of Crimson Dark, these monthly short stories are going to be a gold-mine.

If everyone who read this webcomic were to sign up for the $2 per month plan - I'd be a rich man. Of course I know most readers won't sign up - some can't afford to, some don't read these rants and will never know the club exists, some probably don't think that CD is worth paying for. That's fine. That's why multiple plans exist, allowing people to give as much or as little as they think appropriate, and that's why the comic itself will always be 100% free to read online.

I've realised I've gone more than two weeks without mentioning a computer game, this must be rectified.

Mass Effect 2 is a masterpiece - they've taken everything which was good in the original and refined it to near-perfection, while dumping or replacing everything which wasn't good. The production standards are through the roof, with stunning art and some fantastic voice acting (including Martin Sheen as "The Illusive Man"). But most notably the writing is second to none. Each character is engaging and sympathetic and by the end I thought of each of them as friends, so when their lives were threatened (and it is possible for *anyone* to die in this game) I was genuinely fearful for their safety. ME2 ensnared me in a way which few games do, it has the kind of power normally reserved for a really good novel.

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