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Chapter 09: Page 04
Originally posted on:02/01/2010
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Chapter 09: Page 04

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EDIT: After reviewing reader feedback, I've decided to have two levels of membership. "Basic" members only pay $2 per month, but only have access to wallpapers. "Normal" members start at $5 per month and have access to all content, including short stories.

I really want to work on Crimson Dark full time so I can start releasing pages three times a week, and today's page is a good example why. When I was updating just once a week, there's a good chance I would not have written today's page, or I would have constricted it to half a page. When updates are slow, it feels important to make sure that the story doesn't get bogged down in little character moments like this one. The problem is that I *like* little character moments like this one, and I gather a lot of you do too. Put simply: If enough people join the club that I can switch to full-time production, I'll have more freedom over how I tell my stories, and you'll end up with a better, more enjoyable product at the end of the day.

I'm listening to the Avatar soundtrack as I write this. It's very much a James Horner soundtrack, so much so that I was able to pick the composer just 20 minutes into the film, but it's still good listening.

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