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Chapter 09: Page 02
Originally posted on:01/25/2010
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Chapter 09: Page 02

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The Crimson Dark Supporter's Club
On the 1st February I'm going to unleash the Crimson Dark Supporter's Club. The basic idea is that I want to work on Crimson Dark full-time so I can update the comic three times a week, but I also need to pay the rent and eat food. While one-off donations are greatly appreciated, it would be more helpful if I could turn Crimson Dark into a sustainable, reliable income source, allowing me to work on it full-time.

The Supporter's Club will be based on a subscription model, and will give members access to exclusive bonus material, such as wallpapers, short stories and behind-the-scenes miscellanea. Members will also, on occasion, be able to participate in exclusive competitions, such as having the opportunity to name a new ship or space station. At the moment I'm looking at delivering this content through a provider such as Yahoo Groups (I'd like to host it locally, but my coding skills are very basic and don't extend as far as user logins and hiding pages from the public) - but I'm still researching this.

Rest assured Crimson Dark will remain free to read online. It always has been, and it always will be.

If the sum of monthly subscriptions reaches an amount which I can live on, (I'm still working out my budget, but I'll be setting a reasonable cut-off point this week), then I'll start working on Crimson Dark full-time, treating it like a 9-5 job and updating three times a week instead of twice.

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