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Chapter 09: Page 01
Originally posted on:01/22/2010
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Chapter 09: Page 01

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Yay, Friday update!
It's very exciting to be updating on Fridays again. Next Monday I'm going to talk a bit about what I'm tentatively calling the "Crimson Dark Supporters Club", which I hope to kick off on the 1st February.

Curiously, there's nothing saying that a tribunal must consist of three members, despite the "tri" prefix. The word is derived from "Tribune", an elected official of Rome who acted as the representative of the people. Today a Tribunal simply means any body given authority to pass judgement, though it is most commonly used to distinguish a court form one of normal justice. The word "Tribune", in turn, is derived from the latin word "tribus" (tribe), which scholars speculate is derived from "tres" (three), as the Roman state was originally divided into three ethnic groups. Thus the "tri" prefix in the modern word "tribunal" is a piece of archaic flotsam.

I've put three members on my tribunal anyway, because it's my tribunal and I can if I want to.

Ugh. It's too hot today.

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