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Chapter 08: Page 24
Originally posted on:07/27/2009
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Chapter 08: Page 24

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Icky puppy...
I have to say, it's nice to be finally publishing some major plot points which I conceived over three years ago. If you're having trouble remembering, Whisper is referring back to Chapter 1. JAKs are illegal, according to the United Terran Coalition, and though the Cirin Alliance has been expelled from the coalition, the Republic of Daranir is a protectorate of the UTC and currently applying for full Statehood. Today's revelation would not help their application.

I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last week and was pleasantly surprised. My expectations were relatively low, as I thought Order of the Phoenix (from the same director as HBP) was little more than a series of tableaux, with a few strong moments but unsuccessful as a film. HBP came together as a much more cohesive film. There's still some questionable direction in some places, and while most of the omissions are understandable there are a few which boggle the mind, but overall I thought this was a far sight better than OOTP. Plus, at some point between the 5th and 6th films, these kids seem to have suddenly discovered how to act.

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