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Chapter 08: Page 23
Originally posted on:07/20/2009
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Chapter 08: Page 23

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Thump, thump, thump...
The nickname of "lobster" was sometimes used to describe the infantry of the British army during the 17th-19th centuries, because of their bright red uniforms. Apparently the term was somewhat derogatory in nature and employed by both American troops during the war of Independence, as well as by British sailors as part of the usual army/navy rivalry which every nation seems to enjoy. When I designed the Republic Marines (which we first saw on page 0003) I chose to make them bright red as a tribute to the Royal Marines - the infantry section of the Royal Navy who still wore bright-red, despite being posted aboard ships where everyone else's outfit made them much less conspicuous (except for those silly hats which the officers wore).

College is less fun than usual at the moment. The sound you hear is my head, slamming itself repeatedly against a wall.

Is anyone else ridiculously excited about the new Mechwarrior game?

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