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Chapter 08: Page 17
Originally posted on:06/08/2009
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Chapter 08: Page 17

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It's full of stars...
This page is a good overview of what I accomplished during my all-too-brief holiday. Not only did I build Prospero's bridge (which actually turned out looking like my initial concept sketch, imagine!), I also started the process of streamlining the production of Crimson Dark and this page is proof of concept. I won't go into the technical details quite yet, but I will say that this page would not have been possible using the old process (or would have taken considerably longer to complete).

Now some good news: I've begun the last two trimesters of college, where the bulk of course-time is dedicated to self-directed projects. There's a small "independent project" and a much larger "final project". My hope is to make both projects Crimson Dark related - the small one will be to continue the streamlining process (with an emphasis on adapting the skills I've learnt in Maya to Cinema 4D and Poser Pro), while the large one will be something special which I'm not ready to reveal. We're all pitching our ideas this week before a panel of lecturers, so please pray that my proposals are approved. I'm sick of having to choose between college and Crimson Dark - I want to have my cake AND eat it (and lick the bowl it was made in).

Of course, my PC - sensing much excitement and anticipation on my part - has decided to start misbehaving again. After extensive troubleshooting I've come to the conclusion that the only way to ensure a relatively pain-free final year of college will be to build a new system. 64-bit Windows 7, here I come!

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