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Chapter 08: Page 12
Originally posted on:03/16/2009
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Chapter 08: Page 12

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Shiny blue people
I had a plan. I have three days of classes, 4 hours each day (plus another 4 hours of travel time each day). The plan was to spend Monday to Friday working on college stuff, take Saturdays off to relax and then produce a new page for CD on Sundays. It seemed like a good plan.

So far, however, the workload from college has been absurdly heavy, much more so than last year. It's taking seven days a week just to complete homework and stay on top of my assignments. That's not including all the extra stuff I should be doing in terms of additional training and showreel content. My day of relaxation has become half a day, and my day of Crimson Dark has simply evaporated.

I have two pages left in the buffer at the moment. During this week I'll decide what I'm going to do and next Monday I'll tell you what the new plan is. There's a chance you won't like it.

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