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Chapter 08: Page 09
Originally posted on:02/23/2009
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Chapter 08: Page 09

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Silent but deadly...
Lots of people have been wonderfully supportive after my little heart-pouring-out session last week - thank you! Some people voiced concerns along the lines of "If you need to take a break from CD for the sake of college and health, feel free to do so". Truth is, I need to *keep* working on CD more than I need to stop, it plays too important a role in my life to walk away from, whatever the circumstances.

Somehow I've ended up the Project Manager for the practical side of "Managing New Media Projects". I was actually keen on just taking a small role in the project, but some of my fellow students forced me into it so now I'm responsible for a group of 15 or so students. Those poor fools, I bet this is how Emperor Palpatine got started.

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