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Chapter 08: Page 05
Originally posted on:01/26/2009
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Chapter 08: Page 05

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It's all relative
Normally ships will align themselves relative to the solar plane, and match their vector (ie: speed and angle of movement) to the nearest gravity well (planets, moons, stars etc.). In deep space, however, there's no common frame of reference for determining what qualifies as "all stop". While ships can still align themselves to the galactic plane, providing a common understanding of up and down, the only way for a ship to come to a stop is to match the vector of another ship, thus appearing to have ceased movement from that other ship's point of view. It's entirely possible that both ships are still hurtling through space at break-neck speed relative to the nearest celestial body.

And yes, Niobe has always had an aft airlock, we just haven't seen it in use yet.

I saw an oral surgeon last week and discovered that I need to have all four wisdom teeth removed, and since some of them are very deep in the jaw, I'll be needing general anesthetic and hospitlisation. After thirty years without needing to be hospitalised once, I can't believe that I've been beaten by my teeth! It would be like the Enterprise-D being destroyed by the Ferengi, or Babylon 5 being invaded by Drazi.

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