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Chapter 01: Page 06
Originally posted on:07/24/2006
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Chapter 01: Page 06

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Sorry about being five hours late on today's update. Would you believe I forgot? That's the kind of day I'm having. Not a bad day, just an odd one.

It looks like the RSS feed is now updating properly in third-party newsreaders - mind you, I've only tested Thunderbird and Feedreeder, so please let me know if you're still having problems. The issue now is working out why the comic image doesn't load in Feedreader (and, I assume, other dedicated RSS readers). The code all looks fine, and the image link is good, so maybe it's a problem with my server. Such questions give me a headache.

I keep on meaning to draw people's atention to Starship Dimensions. It's one of the geekiest websites in existence, and I love it.

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