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Bonus Page: New Ships of Chapter 6
Originally posted on:12/15/2008
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Bonus Page: New Ships of Chapter 6

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Long live the forum!
I must apologise: The forum died. The good people at NightGig worked hard, but technical troubles have apparently led to the corruption of the database. The result is that all our posts are gone.

A moment of silence please.

So now the NEW forum is live! As grateful as I am to my friends at NightGig for hosting the forum over the past couple of years, I've decided that now is the time to host and manage it myself. I think the community is large enough now to sustain an independent forum, and this way if anything goes wrong I'll have no-one to blame but myself. Please head on over and introduce yourselves, after all:
"There's nothing so lonesome, dull or morose,
than to be the sole admin of a board with no posts."

Two more bonus pages this week, and then the title page for Chapter 8 next Monday will mark our resumption of weekly updates. Be aware, however, that I'll be holidaying in New Zealand for nine days and may be out of contact during that time. I'll upload the pages in advance but please accept my apologies if I screw something up.

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