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Chapter 07: Day 3
Originally posted on:12/10/2008
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Chapter 07: Day 3

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Red Alert
Picard: How long until we reach Starbase 17 at present speed?
Data: Six hours, fifty-two minutes, thirty-eight...
Picard: [interrupts] Increase speed to warp factor nine.
Riker: Captain?
Data: Captain, Starfleet regulations specifically state that vessels are not to exceed warp factor five unless...
Picard: [interrupts again] I am aware of Starfleet regulations, Commander Data.
Riker: Captain? What's the emergency?
Picard: [gravely] Number One, the galley reported that we ran out of chocolate this morning.
[stunned silence. Worf growls]
Riker: I see. Commander Data, warp factor nine.
Data: Aye sir.
Picard: Engage.

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