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Bonus Page: Test Renders
Originally posted on:12/01/2008
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Bonus Page: Test Renders

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For story purposes, just assume that it was dark outside
As promised, this is the first of three bonus pages for this week.

Running Crimson Dark while studying at college this year has been remarkably difficult. it has felt like serving two masters, which is why I after my first trimester I decided to try and separate the two activities as far as possible: I work on CD exclusively during my holidays, but don't touch it at all while classes are on. This has been effective, but also crazy-making - Crimson Dark keeps me sane, so to stop working on it for a block of six or twelve weeks is a struggle.

Chapter 6 ended up much longer than I had originally planned, to the point that it is the longest chapter to date. This, I confess, was my own fault for failing to properly plan it out beforehand and trying to squeeze too many stories in. I hope people have enjoyed learning a bit about Whisper's past, but I think this will have to be the last of these "flashback" stories for a while if I'm going to keep the story moving forward. As mentioned previously, this is why I've decided to condense chapter 7 considerably so that we can start chapter 8 in three weeks' time.

You may have noticed that I've been referring to Crimson Dark as "our" webcomic lately - this is because it wouldn't exist without your help. I really want to thank you all for reading, you've kept me going this year. I especially want to thank those of you who have donated, helping an unemployed student pay his bills (as well as relax and enjoy himself for a little while).

PS: I'll post a link to my college animation on Wednesday - I forgot to upload it today...

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