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Chapter 06: Page 47
Originally posted on:11/24/2008
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Chapter 06: Page 47

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End of Chapter 6.
Today is the end of Chapter 6 - huzzah! It seems appropriate that its conclusion takes place during my last week of classes for the year. Over the next few weeks I'll reflect a little on what kind of year I think it's been for the comic, but right now I want to put an end to the speculation and lay out exactly what will be happening in terms of updates in the immediate future:

December 1st, 3rd, 5th (Mon, Wed, Fri): Bonus Pages
December 8th-12th (Monday through to Friday!): Chapter 7 (in a temporary, experimental format)
December 15th, 17th, 19th (Mon, Wed, Fri): More Bonus Pages
December 22nd ff: Chapter 8 begins and we return to our regular format and once-weekly schedule

This unorthodox schedule is partly driven by my desire to move the story forward after what has felt like a fairly slow year, and partly by the fact that I'm going to New Zealand with my Mum from 17th to 26th December and won't be able to produce any new pages during that time. Chapter 7 will, as stated, be experimental in format. It won't be the webcomic you're used to, but it will tell the story in five pages over five days and will move us towards a return to form for Chapter 8.

Next week I'll also show you an animation for college which has been eating up so much of my time.

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