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Chapter 06: Page 43
Originally posted on:10/27/2008
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Chapter 06: Page 43

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All this talk of beds... ::yawn::
Back to the infirmary again. It's been some time since we visited this set, so I've given it an upgrade - mainly through some new textures and rebuilt beds.

The biggest hurdle for this page was the bedsheets, mattresses and pillows. Though Cinema 4D has a very nice cloth simulator, it can be awfully demanding on the hardware if you want realistic results. I've only used it once, for the table-cloths in the Nebula View Restaurant, because they're relatively simple shapes. For bedsheets I've previously used two different approaches. The first has been to draw them entirely by hand, which was my practice in the first few chapters, but this involves a lot of time and effort. At the beginning of this year I decided to try modeling sheets completely in 3D, using C4D's "HyperNURBS" feature (similar to Maya's "Subdivision surfaces"). This was adequate for the scenes involving young Whisper, but ended up looking a bit too CGI. It also increases the render time, as these models need to be high-res to accommodate countless folds, and makes it very difficult to modify the sheets later.

For today's page I settled on what I think is a happy compromise between two extremes: I'm now modeling the basic form of the bedsheet in 3D, but then touching it up afterwards in Photoshop - primarily using the smudge tool - to create all of the folds and wrinkles. I use the same technique on the pillows and mattresses. This works well for me, as it doesn't require a huge amount of post-work (less total time than clothing), but also leaves me with low-poly models which I can easily modify as my characters move around.

Just five weeks left before the end of classes for this year.

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