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Chapter 06: Page 42
Originally posted on:10/20/2008
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Chapter 06: Page 42

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This past week has technically been a one-week holiday, but in truth it's been an opportunity to catch up on assessments (ie: maneuver myself to a position where I'm not as far behind as I otherwise would have been) and rebuild the buffer for the comic. I can now happily report that I have enough pages in the buffer to see me through to the end of this trimester. Hopefully the Summer holidays will give me a chance to really start churning out pages again. Assuming I make it that far.

I've also taken this opportunity to update the links section by removing a few webcomics which are no longer updating and adding some new discoveries. The new comics worth checking out are The Abominable Charles Christopher, Jumpleads, Madscott and the newly-relaunched Zortic.

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