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Chapter 01: Page 04
Originally posted on:07/17/2006
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Chapter 01: Page 04

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What a difference a GUID makes
One reader pointed out that the RSS feed doesn't seem to have been updating properly. I've taken a look and I think that I've fixed it, but if you're still having troubles, please let me know. Somehow, fixing a problem by adding a single line of code just seems too easy.

Meanwhile I've given the whole site something of a facelift. The old colour scheme made sense, since it was... well... crimson... but it was starting to make my eyes bleed. I hope the new design will be easier on the eyes, and there's a new logo to go with it at the top-left of the page. I've also gone and added an 'About' section, which now incorporates the old glossary along with a FAQ which answers questions like "How do I make Crimson Dark?" and "Why is it called Crimson Dark?". Let me know what you think of these changes.

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