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Chapter 06: Page 39
Originally posted on:09/29/2008
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Chapter 06: Page 39

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Even the cockroach outperformed some hollywood actors.
I saw Wall-e last week. Twice. I plan on seeing it again tomorrow. And possibly every week until it closes. Best Pixar film ever.

Wall-e is one of those very rare films that succeeds on every level, and I think a key factor has been the film's minimal use of dialogue, and in this respect it stands in sharp contrast to most modern animated films. Generally, when you see a trailer for an animated film, the voice-actors are a major selling point - names like Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Mike Meyers - because the story and the humour are primarily dialogue driven, so the people delivering that dialogue take centre-stage. The actual animation serves as little more than a puppet-show, accompanying what is essentially a radio-play. When action is used independent of the dialogue, it is almost invariably for the sake of slapstick or sight-gags, exaggerated to the point of absurdity.

Wall-e, however, puts animators at the forefront of character creation, and only resorts to dialogue when absolutely necessary. This leads to a reliance on gesture and expression to create character, resulting in a much subtler performance than one might expect from animation. The result is that Wall-e and EVE are fully realised characters, rather than just caricatures. Frankly, if you go and see Wall-e, you'll witness some of the best acting that's ever been seen on the big screen.

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