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Chapter 06: Page 37
Originally posted on:09/15/2008
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Chapter 06: Page 37

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I've never felt that way. Well, maybe once. Or twice. Per week.
Sometimes, writing a webcomic can be almost as good as visiting a shrink.

Okay, here's my plan for CD in print. I plan on publishing "Crimson Dark: Volume 1" which will contain the first three chapters of the comic, amounting to well over 100 pages. To this end, I'm going to finish re-doing the art for the Prologue (a process I began a long time ago), and I am also going to reletter every page in the first three chapters. At the moment I have no timeframe for publication, as my mind is focused on college for the next ten weeks, but it will happen. As well as selling the print version, I may also put the same material up for purchase as downloadable PDFs (at a cheaper price), for those who like to read on the train.

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