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Chapter 06: Page 35
Originally posted on:09/01/2008
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Chapter 06: Page 35

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Yes Leader.
Listen to this: Last week I said that I was having trouble with a bill which needed paying, but rather than asking for donations I decided to start a conversation going about ways to monetise Crimson Dark. So what happened? A bunch of readers went and donated anyway, when they could have waited to see whether I was going to offer up anything juicy in exchange for their cash. Best readers in the world.

But now that I have enough cash to pay the bills (for now), that doesn't mean I'm shelving the idea. To be honest I've always struggled with the pragmatic aspect of art. I just want to tell a story and know that people are enjoying it, but when it comes to the next level of working out ways of making money from that story I end up like a bunny caught in headlights. However a lot of readers have contributed some very helpful ideas this week, both via e-mail and in the forum. While I'm not ready to make any specific announcements this week, I will say that several people have suggested e-books as one possible avenue, and at the moment I like the sound of that. I'm also revisiting the ongoing saga of getting a print version of CD into people's hands. The third option on my mind involves wallpapers, but I'm sketchy on the details so far. I should have more for you next week.

College resumes this week, but by God's grace I only have three subjects this trimester, spread across just two days. One of those days will have classes from 9am to 5:30pm, with just 30 minutes for lunch, so that's going to be a little crazy-making, but every day that I don't have to go in to college is a day where I save roughly three hours of travel time which I can divert to other projects - such as the aforementioned monetisation of Crimson Dark.

You know what? I really, really hate the word "monetisation". It sounds like something the Cybermen would do to an enslaved population. "Leader, what should we do with the captured humans?" "Monetise them!"

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