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Chapter 06: Page 34
Originally posted on:08/25/2008
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Chapter 06: Page 34

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In our defense, we used less power this winter than last
I've learned many things from church, but one such thing is that most people hate it when you ask them for money - even if they like you and it's for a good cause. I mention this because another electricity bill has arrived, and as usual I'm curled up in a fetal position in the corner of the room. However, rather than simply begging for donations, I have a proposal.

I'm thinking of starting what I'm tentatively calling the "Crimson Dark Supporter's Club". The deal would be this: If you donate at least a certain amount in a month, then at the end of that month you'll receive an exclusive bonus as a great big thankyou for your support. The content could be wallpapers, character back-stories, more info on the broader CD universe, test-renders, concept-art, discussions on my creative process, even abandoned ideas and glimpses of what might have been. I haven't decided on a format yet, though PDF is a possibility.

Understand that, as always, Crimson Dark will remain free to read, and there will still be bonus pages between chapters and I won't withhold any usual content from readers who can't afford to support the comic. This would be the result of *extra* work on my part, I will never subtract from the free content of this site.

What do you think of the idea? What sort of bonus material would you like to see, if you joined the club? Shoot me an e-mail (click "Contact" at the top of the page), or speak up on the forum.

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