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Chapter 06: Page 11
Originally posted on:03/17/2008
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Chapter 06: Page 11

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"Running silent" is a term used for submarines when they literally try to move as silently as possible, to avoid being detected by the enemy. Of course, in space there's no water to conduct the sound waves, so the meaning of the term has been modified. When a space ship runs silently, it cuts all emissions as far as possible - including heat, propulsion and scanning beams. With the scanners set to "passive" mode, a ship can only detect incoming data, it can't actively search for it. Since the electromagnetic-soup of the Katsulas Expanse effectively masks the heat and propulsion emissions, the only way for one of these two ships to detect each other is to actively scan for the other (thereby betraying its own position)... or to do what Vaegyr and Larissa have done: Look out the window.

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