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Chapter 06: Title Page
Originally posted on:12/31/2007
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Chapter 06: Title Page

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Could bold equators be for rot?
Whenever I start a new chapter, I need to make several new folders on my hard drive. One for Poser files, another for C4D files, another for renders, another for Illustrator files, another for the finished panels in PNG format, another for the final pages in photoshop format and yet another for the final pages in jpg format. Every time I create these folders, I feel a buzz.

Happy new year, and all that. I pray that you learn something important about yourself in 2008.

To celebrate the new chapter, I've updated the database. New entries include the following ship classes: Tycho, Lovett, Duncan, Lendao and Le Guin. New locations include Golgotha and Farhaven. There have also been a few additions to the characters section.

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