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Chapter 05: Page 18
Originally posted on:11/23/2007
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Chapter 05: Page 18

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"Cirin Defense Force"
I'm struggling to keep on top of things at the moment. A word of advice, the next time somebody tells you to get a life, IGNORE THEM! The good news is that this week my NaNoWriMo novel reached 50,000 words.

And now, nine answers to questions and comments which readers have sent me via e-mail:
1. Yes, Baruk Shield does look a lot like myself.
2. Yes, there will be a 2008 calendar with all new art, I'm still working on it.
3. No, I will not be publishing my NaNo novel on this site, not even part of it. My dream is to see it in bookshops one day.
4. Yes, Melbourne really is evil. But if that's because of the heat, as you suggest, then logically Sydney must be more evil.
5. Yes, 'Mass Effect' looks fantastic, but no, I won't be playing it since I don't own an X-Box 360.
6. Yes, I am still working on a print version of the comic. Just don't expect it any time soon as there's too much happening at the moment.
7. Yes, that is a Durandal-class marauder under construction on page 15. The variant on the left side of that panel is a Tycho class.
8. Yes, I do have a proof-reader. Blame her.
9. No, I will not sell you my soul. Please stop asking.

Okay, I made one of those up just now.

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