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Chapter 05: Page 16
Originally posted on:11/16/2007
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Chapter 05: Page 16

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Would you trust that face?
Looks like there's some signal degradation. Understandable, as the feed is travelling further through riftspace to reach Golgotha than it really ought to.

A couple of readers have e-mailed me to draw attention to the fact that the Writer's Strike in America is affecting more than jsut writers and studio executives, as production crew have had to be laid off since there are not enough TV shows to produce at the moment. It's a fair point, especially since a number of these workers are not covered for strikes carried out by other unions. But I would urge any production staffer adversely affected by the strike to joining the writers on the picket line, as other people from the industry have already done. It may even be worthwhile to persuade their own unions to come out on strike in sympathy. But as I said last week, I'm not directly affected by these events, so I'm not exactly speaking from a position of wisdom and authority!

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