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Chapter 05: Page 08
Originally posted on:10/15/2007
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Chapter 05: Page 08

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One of you is a miniature ship wrecker.
In the 27th century, there is no longer any distinction between television and the internet - they are one and the same. The big screen on the wall is a computer terminal (a Multi-touch Modular Display, like all other terminals), and television programs (now just referred to as "feeds") can be browsed, streamed or downloaded in the same way that we browse the internet today. Most feeds are produced at one planet and then seeded to others using FTL relays. The further one travels from the source of the feed, the greater the delay will be.

"The Accusing Parlour" is a Futurama reference - a special room at the Planet Express headquarters which was only ever used when a selection of suspects needed to be gathered and accused of one crime or another.

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