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Chapter 05: Title Page
Originally posted on:09/17/2007
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Chapter 05: Title Page

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The Place of the Skull
Welcome to Golgotha!

I'm so excited about getting Chapter 5 underway, it's always a pleasure to be able to show off all the shiny new things which I've been working on for the past few months.

Golgotha was established by an enterprise cooperation as a mining station, shipyard and launching platform for a bold new move into unexplored space. At the time it was called "Outreach Station". However the company failed to find any habitable planets beyond claimed space, and could not secure the major investment needed for terraforming operations. Eventually the company collapsed, with most of its assets being swallowed up by Radiant Industries. Outreach Station, however, was too far from any major population centres to be of any real commercial value, so Radiant Industries auctioned it off to the 'Creer Syndicate', also known as the 'seven families'. Now, 160 years later, the station has become a haven for pirates, smugglers and racketeers - and is even host to an increasing number of legitimate (though potentially unpopular) business operations.

The Location of Golgotha is hardly a secret, but being located in privately-owned space neither the Republic nor the Alliance have clear jurisdiction. On top of this, the Syndicate has numerous friends in both governments and a highly refined talent for greasing the right palms. Finally, any attempt to end the operations at Golgotha would require a full-scale assault which could not be successful without significant losses - and both governments have far bigger concerns of a military nature.

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