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Chapter 04: Page 39
Originally posted on:09/12/2007
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Chapter 04: Page 39

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Another one in the can.
Here ends the fourth chapter of Crimson Dark, thank you for reading thus far! Strangely, when I started writing this chapter, I was under impression that it was going to be relatively short, but somehow it has ended up the longest chapter so far. I think I need to work on my brevity.

I received several e-mails during chapter 4 relating to Vaegyr's decision to destroy the Harlequin, of varying tones, and I was surprised at some of the opinions voiced. I think there's enough meat here to get into a good discussion about this kind of moral dilemma, so I've started a thread in the forum where we can duke it out.

There will be just one page of filler going up this Friday, and then chapter 5 will begin next Monday. As stated previously, I will be returning to the usual twice-weekly updates for the foreseeable future.

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