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Prologue: Page 14
Originally posted on:06/16/2006
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Prologue: Page 14

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My fellow Australians
It occurs to me that some readers may be confused by the update schedule for Crimson Dark, especially those who live in Australia (as I do). When I say the strip updates every Monday and Friday, it's actually based on US time (since the vast majority of webcomic readers happen to live there), so the good citizens of the United States of America (plus Canada, Mexico etc.) will be able to wake up on Monday morning and have a new page waiting for them. Sadly this means that Aussies have to wait until 5pm Mondays (if you're on the East coast) for an update, so you are able to get home from a hard days' work and find a new page waiting for you.

On a completely unrelated topic: Go Socceroos!

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