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Chapter 04: Page 19
Originally posted on:07/20/2007
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Chapter 04: Page 19

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Vaegyr's main job is to deprive the enemy of supplies, so even if he doesn't want to take cargo on board (maybe it's too bulky/heavy, or unsellable), he still needs to make sure that it doesn't reach its destination. These items are therefore jettisoned while they transfer cargo.

Tomorrow is, of course, Harry Potter Day. In honour of the occasion (and because everyone seems to be doing it), I present my predictions for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (NB: I am currently spoiler-free and intend to remain so until I have the book in my hands. As Shephard Book would say, there is a very special place in hell reserved for people who drop spoilers (and who talk in theatres)):

1. Snape will prove that, even when he killed Dumbledore, he was still following Dumbledore's instructions all along and winning the trust of the Death-Eaters.

2. Ron and Hermione will finally profess their love for each other, and thirty seconds later Ron will die, saving Harry's life in the process. (If Ron doesn't die, then another Weasley will. One of them has to die, by the laws of probability if nothing else)

3. Voldermort will be betrayed by one or many of his own death-eaters (possibly Narcissa Malfoy)

4. Draco will become the target of Voldermort's wrath and will join forces with Harry (reluctantly)

5. Grawp will somehow deal with the giants who have started to terrorise the English countryside

6. Ginny will suddenly and spectacularly demonstrate just how powerful she really is when all seems lost.

7. We will learn that Dumbledore was somehow inadvertantly responsible for Voldermort's rise to power in the first place, and always blamed himself for all the horror which took place (including the deaths of James and Lily)

8. Hagrid will die valiantly saving the children, putting himself in harm's way and yelling at them to go on without him. Possibly standing against a vast horde of Inferi, and taking many of them down with him.

9. Hogwarts itself will be partially or entirely destroyed, possibly collateral damage from a massive wizard/witch battle.

10. Harry will live, but will leave England to wander the world on his own as a brooding recluse. Luna might choose to travel with him, or go after him despite his protestations.

Okay, not so much a list of what I think *will* happen, but what I think *should* happen.

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