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Chapter 04: Page 18
Originally posted on:07/16/2007
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Chapter 04: Page 18

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It's all relative
Yup, Kari's flying upside down (though only from a certain point of view). I made an alternate version of this page where the panel of Kari is also upside down, aligned with her scimitar, but it just looked too weird.

A couple of people have commented that this chapter seems to be moving a little slowly at the moment, and that's probably a fair criticism. One of my main goals for this chapter is to show what our main characters do on an ordinary day - when they're not rescuing stranded heroes, arguing with commodores, enjoying a spot of shore-leave or witnessing a suicide attack. I really want to use this chapter to explore the mundanity of of their job. Don't worry, we are building up to something.

(Yes, "mundanity" really is a word, even though my spelling-checker disagrees with me. Look it up!)

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