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Chapter 04: Page 13
Originally posted on:06/29/2007
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Chapter 04: Page 13

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Everyone's sick...
My PC was sick for most of Tuesday and Wednesday, and now I have a cold, so I'm behind schedule at the moment. I'm hoping I'll still be able to get Monday's page finished on time, but I'm not making any promises at the moment.

The device in today's page is like a sheath which forms a heated and pressurised seal between two vessels. once established, a gangway is then extended from one ship to the other within the sheath, forming two layers of protection from space.

I made a guest appearance in MadScott this week, it's actually not a bad likeness, though I do *not* posess a widescreen monitor.

The Transformers Movie is more fun than I expected. Some of the action is over-edited, with too many close-ups and shaky-cam shots and not enough one-take wideshots (come on guys, I want to actually be able to *see* the action, not momentary glimpses of it), and the plot is very silly, but it's an entertaining action flick with arresting visuals and some fun characters. The first Michael Bay film which I have not regretted seeing.

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