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Chapter 04: Page 12
Originally posted on:06/25/2007
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Chapter 04: Page 12

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We taste like bamboo
I didn't really plan the fourth panel out very well. After going to the effort of putting the Glance in the scene, scaled to match the characters, and setting up lighting and camera angles... I end up covering much of the Glance with word balloons. Oh well.

The weather in Sydney has been wonderfully cold and wet of late. It may not be convenient for doing the washing, but I love this weather nonetheless. Some day I either need to move south*, or up the mountains, somewhere where the warmest summer day feels like a mild winter's day down here in the Sydney Basin. Seriously, I love cold weather and hate the heat, why am I living in one of the hottest parts of the Sydney Metropolitan Region? Methinks I need a cave, like batman. Somewhere with a cool, fixed climate. Such a cave would also an ideal location for plotting world domination and building my army of flying radioactive vorpal pandas. Great acoustics for singing along to "Once More With Feeling" too.

*Attention Northern-Hemisphere Readers: for me, "South" means "colder"

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