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Chapter 04: Page 08
Originally posted on:06/11/2007
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Chapter 04: Page 08

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Too close
I have the best readers in the world! In particular I want to say a great big thank you to Alyssa who, after reading my rant a few weeks ago where I complained about 2 gig of RAM no longer being enough, offered to send me a spare 1 gig which she was no longer using. She even paid to have it posted to me in Australia from the US! Thanks to her, working in both Cinema 4D and Photoshop is moving along much more smoothly, especially when rendering images of the ice-planet in this chapter (which is composed of four separate textures, each of which is 8192x4096 pixels in size.... now you know why I needed more RAM).

Today's page illustrates what an important role Photoshop plays in producing a page. Check out this mock-up to see what the page would look like with just the raw 3D renders without any post-processing (since the planet is rendered in a separate pass, I've also included thumbnails of these renders).

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