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Chapter 04: Page 05
Originally posted on:06/01/2007
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Chapter 04: Page 05

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We've come a long way...
On 1st June 2006 I uploaded the first ten pages of the prologue, meaning that Crimson Dark is now one year old. Huzzah!

So this seems like the perfect time to make an announcement: Crimson Dark *will* be available to purchase in print form, sometime soon. I plan on selling each chapter as a separate issue (with the first issue combining the prologue and first chapter) through Indyplanet, with the printing done by Ka-Blam. I had hoped to have the proof of the first issue in my hands before today, but Ka-Blam have been having some technical issues which have slowed down their print queue. Keep your eyes on the forum for images when the proof finally arrives.

Meanwhile, when Iím not working on new pages for Chapter 4, Iím working on redoing all of the art for the Prologue. My early art for the comic makes me want to crawl into a hole and die, and I donít want it to put off new readers. I uploaded new versions of the first three pages some months ago, but this time Iím going to do all nineteen pages and put them all up at once. Again, keep your eyes on the forum for news and comparisons (old art next to new).

But now I face a dilemma. Assuming that the proof from ka-Blam meets my standards, do I go ahead and start selling it ASAP and release the new art in a Special-Edition volume, or do I wait until Iíve redone all of the art before selling the individual issues? I want to know what you think, since youíre the people who would be paying for it (God willing), so Iíve started a poll in the forum. Let me know!

Can you tell that Iím trying to encourage people to use the forum?

Anyway, one year may not sound like much but for me itís a huge achievement. Thank you for your support and encouragement, thatís what keeps me going.

(Oh, based on reader feedback, I'm trying out the idea of putting a border around each page so it doesn't get lost in the black background. What do you think?)

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