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Chapter 04: Page 04
Originally posted on:05/28/2007
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Chapter 04: Page 04

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Grr, Argh.
Not much to say today. I thought I found some new software which would make integrating my Poser figures into Cinema 4D much easier and more flexible, but I've just spent two and a half days trying to get the demo working properly and it's giving me a headache - plus tech-support seems to be non-existent. Oh well, no silver bullet for me, and no purchase for them. But that's two and a half days which I've effectively wasted, when I could have been producing more pages using my tried and tested (though laborious) technique.

Oh, finding a "weave" is a bit like trying to find an open port when accessing a computer remotely, except that in the future we're going with the metaphor of a starship's intranet being like a tapestry.

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