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Chapter 04: Page 01
Originally posted on:05/18/2007
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Chapter 04: Page 01

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It's just a sphere, really
If you're wondering why the planet looks a little different to the Title Page, it's because I've decided to render it in 3D instead of adding it afterwards in Photoshop. This means that I can scale it up and put it a realistic distance away from Niobe, and then not have to worry about where to place it in the frame because its position will be fixed in real space. It slowed me down a little, as I ended up taking a whole day off just to build the planet (discovering, once again, that 2 gig of RAM is simply not enough for this kind of work), but in the long run I think it's going to save me a lot of effort.

Also, you've probably noticed that I've chosen a new font for the lettering. I wanted to switch to a mixed-case font, instead of all-caps. I don't have any real preference one over the other, but in a Sci-Fi setting where it's likely that lots of Acronyms and Proper Nouns are going to be thrown around, I think it really helps to be able to capitalise some letters and not others. What do you think? Is it easier/harder to read? Let me know. If nobody likes it, I may change back to the old font.

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